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Purchase 2024 Insights into the FemTech Landscape in Southeast Asia for $699 SGD!

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FemTech Association Asia and Milieu Insight are thrilled to announce the release of the 2024 report titled "Insights into the Femtech Landscape in Southeast Asia."

This groundbreaking report delves deep into various facets of femtech adoption, awareness, and attitudes across six key countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

The comprehensive study encompasses a wide array of topics including Femtech Awareness & Familiarity, Usage and Spending Habits Among Current Femtech Users, Future Intentions of Femtech Non-Users, Women's Health Education, Openness in Discussing Women’s Health Issues, Media Influence, Religious Influence, Maternal & Reproductive Health, and Hormonal Health (Menopause). Worth highlighting is the first ever quantified measure of consumer value for femtech for each of the included markets.


Key Findings from the Report Include:

  • Insights into the level of awareness and familiarity with Femtech solutions across different demographics.

  • Analysis of usage patterns and spending habits among current Femtech users, shedding light on preferences and trends.

  • Future intentions of Femtech non-users, providing valuable insights for market expansion and outreach strategies.

  • Evaluation of the state of women's health education and the impact of societal factors such as media and religion.

  • Examination of maternal & reproductive health issues and the role of technology in addressing them.

  • Understanding hormonal health concerns, particularly menopause, and the demand for innovative solutions.

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