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Event Manager (FemTech Connect Asia)

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Job Type

Volunteer (Unpaid)


Remote - Must be available to attend on-site meetings in Singapore in April, May & June 2024.

About the Role

FemTech Association Asia is seeking a volunteer Event Manager to help us meet all event management requirements for the FemTech Connect Asia event in June 2024.

Estimated volunteer time is 3-5 hours per week.

A complimentary one-year FemTech Association Asia membership ($200 SGD) and FemTech Connect Asia event ticket (value: $300 SGD) will be given to the volunteer as a token of appreciation.


FemTech Association Asia is looking for a volunteer Event Manager to support our first-ever FemTech & Women's Health Roundtable taking place in Singapore in June 2024:

Passion and Enthusiasm:

  • Genuine passion for the femtech, women's health and technology

Communication Skills:

  • Excellent written, verbal communication and listening skills.

Event Planning and Coordination:

  • Experience in planning and executing events - hands-on volunteer work.

  • Effective time management, attention to detail, multitasking and prioritisation.

Problem-Solving Skills:

  • Quick thinking and adaptable, able to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Ability to work with, establish and maintain relationships with vendors, speakers, and other stakeholders.

Budget Management:

  • Ability to work within budget constraints.

Risk & Crisis Management:

  • Ability to identify potential risks and develop contingency plans, and handle unexpected emergencies.


  • Adaptability to changing circumstances and working hours.

Evaluation and Feedback:

  • Develop a system for evaluating the success of the event and tracking feedback.

Legal and Ethical Awareness:

  • Understanding of legal and ethical considerations in event management.


  • Maintain accurate records and documentation related to the event.

About the Company

FemTech Association Asia is the region's first and largest advisory and industry network for founders, professionals and investors with a core focus on improving women's health through technology solutions.

FemTech Association Asia is excited to announce FemTech Connect Asia, the pioneering roundtable event, where women’s health and innovation converge in Asia.

Hosted at the Amazon Web Services office, the venue sponsor, in June 2024, FemTech Connect Asia will welcome 100 delegates from across Asia including: founders, government agencies, MNCs, investors, thought leaders, clinicians and enthusiasts, all of whom are passionate about the women’s health and technology (or “FemTech”) sector in this region. The roundtable format supports a discussion-based summit – prioritising engagement over lectures; personal encounters over cold-networking – focusing on the future of FemTech.

Join FemTech Connect Asia to engage in insightful discussions, immersive workshops and networking sessions to:

Create new paths for innovation in Asia’s FemTech industry;
Collaborate to expand the influence of the regional ecosystem;
Champion a future where technology bridges the gender gap; and
Connect with visionaries at the forefront of women’s health and technology.

Conference themes include: The FemTech Industry Landscape & Market Value in Southeast Asia; Hong Kong Consumer Survey Results; The Latest in Scientific Women’s Health Research; Designing Employee Benefits Programmes; The Future of FemTech (including AI), and more.

On Day 2, FemTech Association Asia has partnered with fermata to host a mini-femtech fes! exhibition, showcasing innovative products and services from across Asia.

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