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Brand Ambassador - FemTech Association Asia

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Southeast Asia

Job Type

Brand Ambassador



About the Role

The Brand Ambassador is the public face of FemTech Association Asia in the respective country.

The primary duties include creating awareness for the organisation’s product, services and values; generating commercial leads; and extending the FemTech Association Asia network.

● Brand Advocacy & Promotion: Actively promote FemTech Association Asia as an advocate for the brand, embodying its values and mission, and promoting the organisation as the first and largest advisory and industry network for founders, professionals, and investors with a core focus on improving women’s health through technology solutions.
● Ecosystem Engagement: Engage with the ecosystem to increase brand awareness, identify strategic partnerships, foster positive brand perception, and provide feedback about market trends, consumer needs, and new opportunities.
● Product Knowledge: Possess an in-depth knowledge of FemTech Association Asia five key pillars: advisory, thought leadership, programming, amplification and community-building, and now these can be of value.
● Relationship-building: Build and maintain relationships with femtech ecosystem stakeholders to attract new partners and strengthen brand presence.
● Content creation: Create engaging, relevant social media posts, to showcase FemTech Association Asia, members, industry news and the organization and industry offerings in an authentic and compelling manner.
● Strong network in the femtech, healthcare, corporate, insurance and finance sectors.
● In-depth understanding of requirements involved in PR/media, social media marketing, business development and sales.


  • Excellent Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey the brand message to diverse audiences.

  • Highly Engaged with Diverse Network: Confident, friendly and approachable demeanor with the ability to connect with people from various backgrounds.

  • Marketing Knowledge: Basic understanding of marketing principles and strategies to execute promotional activities effectively.

  • Social Media Savvy: Proficiency in social media platforms and trends to create engaging content and interact with online communities.

  • Passion for Women's Health: Genuine enthusiasm for the FemTech Association Asia and its offering, with the ability to inspire others with this passion through discussion and presentation.

  • Reliability: Dependable and punctual with the ability to meet deadlines and fulfil commitments.

  • Self-Starter: Reliable, dedicated and committed with a strong drive to work independently and create one’s own opportunities.

About the Company

FemTech Association Asia is the gateway to the FemTech industry in Asia. Launched in October 2021, we are the region’s first and largest industry network for FemTech founders, professionals and investors uniting with the core focus on improving women’s health through technology solutions. We currently represent 75+ FemTech companies across nine countries in Asia, with additional members from outside of our target region operating in markets including: Netherlands, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, UK and the USA.

With a focus on advisory, thought leadership, programming, amplification and community-building, our mission is to inspire collaboration in Asia’s FemTech industry to accelerate the creation of more healthcare solutions, for more women. Our ultimate vision is available, accessible and affordable for every woman at each stage of life.

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